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In 1945 I was an air mechanic air arm fleet eroticbeauties stationed at St Merryn near Padstow in Cornwall. I had a week with my girlfriend in Walsall. Our technical training is carried out in training camp at RAF Hednesford and Walsall was a good 'country' to use, so my girlfriend. I traveled to Birmingham to take a train to Bristol, where he will begin a Penzance changed, I changed trains again in Padstow Wadebridge Bodmin way and then finally to the 'Donkey', which ran along the beautiful River Camel. I got into a car and left before the conclusion that there is an old-fashioned, which had no answer. I was the only prisoner. It opened as the guard on the train blew his whistle to start at the door, suitcase in a rack, followed by a well-stirred woman was released. I took the suitcase on the rack, she dropped : 'Thank you, oh, I really thought I would miss the train,' he eroticbeauties gasped. beseventeen, I thought it most likely grew old at the time, eroticbeauties but I realized as I got older, he was nearly forty years, forty years. was a long and slow in those days, with constant stops and delays. She asked if I wanted to Plymouth and said it was too Padstow, but did not want to, and talked generalities about the war and stuff. After an hour it was clear to me that the woman was in some discomfort and asked if he was okay. 'Oh, yes, I really am, but I'm desperate to spend a penny !' 'Now I 'm afraid there's no chance of a bath,' he said. 'Oh, I know what I do,' I thought about it for a minute or two, then said, ' I dare not say, but the only solution I can see is for you to go to the window . 'Well, that was a common occurrence for the soldiers, but she is a woman who did what was much more difficult. ' I can not see how. ' ' At the risk, lack of tact,' I said, 'youIt is necessary eroticbeauties to remove the underwear, I'll open the window. The space between the seats is very close, if you pulled her skirt up and put one foot on the seat eroticbeauties on each side, I hold you, and actually can sit by the window. ' She looked very doubtful, ' The train goes very fast, you know. '' Yes, but it works more slowly. If you have prepared the next time down sllows could eroticbeauties do, it's not like I was seeing someone else. '' I suppose so, 'she replied sadly,' Ensure that no fall, no? There '' natural, 'he assured. I heard that was the name of his wife Cecilia, the train began to brake a little later, ' Come on, Cecilia, 'he said, are' underwear and yout will be able to go in a minute. It was ' She got up, dressed in a dark jacket and skirt with a white blouse. He took off his jacket and put his hands under her skirt, hooked her white panties down, wearing black stockings and aLeagues. I leave the window and helped her stand astride the seat and hugged her when she lifted her skirt hoiked in his pants and sat at the window. The train was traveling very slowly, and I heard the sussuration, as she blurted out, ' Oh, thank God,' he said eroticbeauties as he relieves himself, unaware that he had a perfect view of her pussy, as I helped eroticbeauties her and then as it helped to see herself that her butt and thighs were all wet. I had an immediate erection. After closing the window, and turned his back eroticbeauties while picking up his underwear and wiped them with, 'Oh, is that what a relief, so smart, my boy !' Became not realize that I still had to lose her skirt. Then she eroticbeauties looked me up and down, around, ' Do you have a ' stiff - an envelope? 'Now you can' square rig ' a sailor, at least at the time, not for an extension of their genitals, something immediately visible to anyoneNetwork to be seen. I had no choice but to admit that I had. 'I guess you are eroticbeauties Quim a girl and then see if you are staring at me! ' I was totally surprised and did not know what to say, but just nodded. Then I stammered: 'I think it looks great. ' grinned, 'Then I do not see anything of you,' he said, 'Come here. ' I graduated with her and felt she, 'My God you are a great kid, to see! 'The lights were very dim, but I let my pants and underpants. 'Yes, I said to myself, is much bigger than my husband. There's nobody here to see us, we have fun? ' She eroticbeauties kissed me and felt my penis, fingers wrapped around the tree and began to masturbate, 'Fuck you feel,' he continued, ' but be very gentle. ' I put the rolling hills, pubic hair and slid gently felt fingers one by her crack. He was wet very quickly, and she began to pant. 'You eroticbeauties have a beautiful cock, do you like my pussy? Put your finger in' I have as had to offer. I had never seen a woman, let alone you could feel the pussy, I was surprised how slippery it was, soft and delicate. Guided my fingers, ' Touch me here, but very gently,' he ordered. I was a little difficult to sing under the skin, which was her clitoris, but I did not know then. She jumped out : 'Oh yes! This is so good ! Want to fuck me? ' I was talking in their language in such a high class accent amazed. 'Yes!' I gasped. ' Come, then. ' She leaned against one of the benches, opening her legs for the first time I saw a woman 's pussy in all its glory. She took me to her and took my penis in his hand: 'Well, fuck you,' she said. I was incredibly hot, slippery tunnel, grabbed my cock firmly, but carefully wrapped. I pushed it, eroticbeauties ' Forward, forward !' He cried, and pulled and pushed me again, then again and again and again: 'Oh, what a beautiful child! ' She moaned. I managed half before coming to blows paradox. a thing had a violent ejaculation and plentiful, which had once thrown out of our bathroom eroticbeauties and hit the wall two feet a few inches below the level of my cock. She screamed as she felt I came to fill her pussy. I dropped it. A As I kissed eroticbeauties her again: 'It was absolutely wonderful, I do not have sex like this since I was a child do not take no, you're young will drive again in a minute or two and you can fuck me again will take much longer! ' and he did, twice, in fact, has been incredibly chaotic, messy, but it got the better she liked, and by the end of the second time that an orgasm is not that I knew what it was either, but it was obvious that he loved. After I finally stopped and parted, he asked me to take her and took it with a towel and clean them. 'I do not know,' I said as dry, ' it was possible to make a man look so ' We have come to Bristol, and she got off the trainAlso the same for Bodmin and Wadebridge Road, where the two were aboard the Padstow donkey. She thought it would be better to go in different cars, which I thought was a good idea if you 've seen the next time he already had. Some Sunday morning after a colleague and I were walking and were greeted by an officer, who was the CO and holds his arm Cicely. He winked at me on the opposite side of her husband. My friend said : 'She went out why they did it ?' 'I have no idea' I replied.
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